Saint Mary's Church, Waterloo Park

(3 main windows continued...)


3. Detail of Christ in Majesty

Nevertheless, I am totally convinced that when St. Mary's church was finished, the three great windows displayed above the main altar and in both the North and the South transepts came from the same workshop and were probably produced by the same artist, or perhaps by two different artists who were brothers, but definitely they did work together. The reason why I am so convinced is because the composition is very similar in both transept windows, although the artist who produced the human figures depicted in the North transept was more gifted, given the fact that facial features and expressions are far more perfect and more beautiful than those depicted in the South transept. But at the same time, we could say that perhaps the artist (his brother?, his fellow glazier?) who designed or produced the South transept window was far more talented when it came to robes or attention to detail. Have you ever seen a more glorious halo than the one behind Christ's head in the South transept? A more beautiful robe than the one Moses is wearing? My goodness, those two artists were real masters! That is why, although I find the current great East window so impressive, I cannot help but feel sorry when I think that one day, in the past, there was an even more beautiful window that was damaged or destroyed. We probably will never know!


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